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ER125-GSP15BN GSP-15 Electronic hearing protection Outdoors $559.99


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GSP-15 Electronic hearing protection Outdoors hearing protection/enhancement devices (HPEDs), are ideal for gun sport enthusiasts who need protection from firearm blasts, and for people who need protection from loud continuous noise. That can be noise from vehicles or machinery.

HPEDs use electronic circuitry to restore the situational awareness that is generally lost by the obstruction of the ear canal.

GunSport Pro electronic earplugs provide the hearing protection you need while not compromising sound detection, localization, and clarity.

Designed for:

· Gun sport enthusiasts.

· Professional shooters.

· Guides and instructors.

· Hunters.

· Manufacturing floor workers.

· Heavy machinery operators.


Benefits of electronic hearing protection

Passive hearing protection is cheaper, involves no electronic circuit or batteries, and is sufficient in many situations. However, it is not selective in its attenuation, lowering both low and high sounds. That results in conversation and other important yet not too-loud sounds being drowned and lost.

Electronic hearing protection uses a battery-powered electronic circuit that samples your surrounding sound levels in real-time. Safe sound levels are passed through to your eardrums “as-is”, with no attenuation (reduction) or amplification.

However, the moment sound levels become too high – the hearing protection kicks in and automatically attenuates (reduces) the sound levels that reach your eardrums.

That means you can keep your hearing protection in at all times in the shooting range. When talking to your instructor – you’ll hear them clearly and naturally when no loud background noise is present. When you or someone nearby shoots, or continuous noise from vehicles or machinery becomes present – you are protected automatically!

ER125-GSP15BN GunSportPro Electronic Outdoor Earplugs use Etymotic’s ACCU-Technology with high-definition balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones and proprietary wide-dynamic-range compression (WDRC) K-AMP® signal processing.

Adaptive attenuation

Think of ‘adaptive’ as being able to change with the environment. GunSport PRO earplugs contain proprietary circuitry, called K-AMP®, that automatically adapt as sound levels change.

When surrounding sound levels are safe, there is no attenuation (reduction) of sounds, hearing is natural, as if nothing is in the ears.

As the sound pressure level (SPL) increases, the circuitry gradually adjusts to protect from loud noises.


© K-AMP® is a registered trademark of Etymotic Research, Inc.


Dual-Mode Operation

ER125-GSP15BN GunSportPro Electronic Outdoor Earplugs are equipped with a 2-position switch that allows choosing between two modes of operation:

· Automatic Hearing Protection + Blast Protection Mode, and

· Hearing Enhancement + Blast Protection Mode.

Automatic Hearing Protection + Blast Protection Mode:

· Allows natural hearing up to 60dB of input sounds (normal conversation or background music levels).

· Provides 15 dB of automatic noise reduction of sounds between 70dB to 115dB – from sources such as vehicle traffic, power tools, lawn mower.

· 35 dB noise reduction to protect from blasts and other very loud noises 120dB and over – from sources such as gun shots.

Hearing Enhancement + Blast Protection Mode:

· Amplifies up to 5X (approx. 14 dB acoustic gain) in the 40dB to 60dB range of input sound – soft to normal conversation levels.

· 35 dB noise reduction to protect from blasts and other very loud noises 120dB and over – from sources such as gun shots.

Which mode is right for me?

Both modes will protect your hearing from dangerously loud noise levels and blasts, such as gun shots. The modes differ in safe noise levels, such as normal conversation. Hearing Protection mode will let the conversation in your ears, as if you are wearing no protection.

The Hearing Enhancement mode will behave as a hearing aid and amplify the conversation.

The right mode for you depends on whether you need, or want, conversation enhancement or not.


Hearing protection type

Active (electronic)

Noise reduction

· 15 dB for sounds between 70-115 dB

· 35 dB for sounds ≥120 dB in Automatic Hearing Protection + Blast Protection Mode.

· 35 dB for sounds ≥120 dB in Hearing Enhancement + Blast Protection Mode.

Hearing enhancement

· Up to 5X (≈14 dB) acoustic gain in the 40dB to 60dB range (soft to normal conversation levels) in Hearing Enhancement + Blast Protection Mode

Ear tips

Three-flange silicone, Foam


Size 10 Zinc-air


1 year manufacturer’s warranty




GSP-15 Electronic hearing protection Outdoors


UPC 846430001671

· 1 pair electronic earplugs.

· Assortment of ACCU-Fit eartips.

· Durable neck cord.

· Filter tool and ACCU-Filters.

· Cleaning tool.

· Batteries (#10).

· Protective case.

· User manual.


James Hamilton 03/28/2022

Great for shooting.

I’ve had Etymotic electronic hearing protectors for many years for shooting and they’re great. Decided to wear them in a Crowder concert and they couldn’t handle it. All kinds of noise, distortion, buzzing etc. had to remove batteries and use as passive earplugs. Hope I didn’t damag them.


Mark 12/28/2021

Work Great

I have been using these for several years. Tried various brands. Recommended by my audiologist. Comfortable for long wear. I wear hearing aids and cannot hear commands and cease fire with standard ear protection. Works better than mickey mouse ears and more comfortable.


Arch Haymaker 11/19/2021

I am hard of hearing. When competing I have a hard time hearing the person calling the line. Even if I take my hearing protection off I still cannot hear the line being called. I shoot a 50bmg. With the gun sport pro I can now hear the line being called and still have good hearing protection. I would highly recommend them.


BSW 09/11/2021

Best hearing protection I've ever used


1) They fit in the ear so hats and gunstocks don't interfere.

2) The quality of the electronics is very good, they ramp down loud impulsive noises smoothly so there is no problem if you're talking to someone.

3) Uses very cheap ($0.30 ea shipped from Amazon) and readily available hearing aid batteries.

4) These use the whole range of Etymotic ear tips so getting a great fit is easy.

5) The batteries last ~week.

6) There is only one control and it's easy to use.

7) The amplified setting is very useful when listening for hits on steel or hunting.

8) They come with a protective case that's actually useful.

9) Long life. Mine has lasted about 5 years so for shooting a couple of matches each month and some multi day hinting trips.


1) The batteries start discharging as soon as you pull the sticker off. They will run down in a week or so even if you aren't using the hearing protectors.

2) Not cheap. OTOH, I've had multiple Etymotic products and while they aren't stylish, I've always felt that Etymotic provides a good value for the price considering the life I've gotten from their devices.


Adrian A. Hartman 09/02/2021

Best hearing protection for hunters

I’ve used various versions over the years of electronic hearing protection. This version is by far superior. I hunt all birds and I can use these during turkey season on the amplified mode to hear the woods around me as well as clearly hear my calling.

During duck season they are excellent as well as they block the gun blasts from shooters right next to me and myself while enabling me to hear my calling as well as quiet conversations.

I’ve referred numerous friends to this and even bought pairs for outfitters who weren’t wearing anything previously bc they couldn’t find a type to suit them. Hunters and their wives thank me for my consciousness about hearing healthcare and protection. Hearing does not come back once lost! Each gun blast takes away your ability to hear.

I’m many years in using the current and prior version. The latest version is a big upgrade. Smaller batteries and sleeker overall. I understand the other reviews comment on difficulty loading batteries and toggling modes but like anything else, it’s a matter of knowing your equipment and practicing. I can insert batteries in darkness wo looking and have no challenge toggling bc I know where the switch is. I can even do this w thin gloves on.

Thanks etymotic for a great product that lasts season after season of hunting! You’ve saved my hearing so I won’t need aids in the future.


Foam Pairs: Standard

Triple Flange Silicone Pairs: Standard and Large


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