ER-MULTI3 Evo Multi-Driver Earphone

ER-MULTI3 EVO Multi-Driver Earphone $699.93 $629.93
ER-MULTI3-SBX EVO + SuperBaX $804.93  
ER-MULTI3-T2 EVO + T2 Etymotion $839.93 $755.93
ER-MULTI3-UBX EVO + UltraBaX $874.93 $786.73


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EVO is the first multi-driver from Etymotic. Scientifically engineered for accuracy with the purest bass.

The Etymotic Evo is the most accurate multi-driver earphone on the market – the perfect earphone for audiophiles.

Common EVO features

The Evo is taking a big departure from the well-known precision machined, anodized and laser-etched aluminum bodies look of our ER line. Metal injection molding allowed us to take a different direction. Metal powder and resin are mixed together, then precisely poured into metal molding, heated and pressurized to craft geometrically complex curves.

Etymotic engineers have pushed the boundaries with a custom joined triple balanced armature driver module. With a two-way crossover, superior eartip seal, and housed into a special acoustic module, the Evo contains Etymotic’s truest sound signature and a wider sound stage.

To improve performance, we designed the Evo with a high-end Estron cable. The Linum BaX T2™ reduces microphonics, thanks to being extremely lightweight, while maintaining reliability and durability.

Etymotic engineers studied the shape of the ear and looked for the most comfortable fit for the majority of people. They landed on a design that cradled the earphone within the ear’s concha. Scientifically driven engineering and accuracy-based design, continues to lead the way in sound innovation.

EVO Options

EVO + SuperBaX™

Black SuperBax Cable – 50″

DC Impedance: 0.75Ω

Cable Diameter: ø4×0.9mm /4×0.035”

Construction: Quad Twist / 168 Strand

Pull Strength: 120N / 26lbs

EVO + T2 Etymotion

Utilizing the latest Qualcomm chip the Etymotion BT supports AptX and AptXHD giving it 24 bit/48khz lossless capabilities.

The Etymotion BT is the first of its kind to have a dedicated DAC and headphone Amplifier installed. The AKM AK4331 with Velvet Sound Technology is far superior to the built in solutions and will give the Etymotion BT the edge over the competition in sound quality and volume.

*MMCX Connector Etymotion pictured

EVO + UltraBaX™

Clear UltraBax Cable – 50″

DC Impedance: 0.6Ω

Cable Diameter: ø4×0.9mm /4×0.035”

Construction: Quad Twist / 224 Strand

Pull Strength: 180N / 40lbs

Frequency Response

20 Hz – 16 kHz


Balanced Armature Low Frequency Drivers, Single Midrange / Treble Balanced Armature Drive

Noise Isolation

· 35 dB using silicone ear tips

· 42 dB using foam ear tips


47 Ohms @ 1 kHz


1khz – 99 dB SPL at 0.1V




Music, BaX™, SuperBaX™, UltraBax™




EVO Multi-Driver Earphone


EVO + SuperBaX


EVO + T2 Etymotion


EVO + UltraBaX

· Etymotic EVO Earphones

· Estron Linum BaX T2™ Cable

· Aluminum Case

· Cloth Bag.

· Assortment of eartips:

o Dual Flange Silicone Pairs: S, M, L, XL.

o Triple Flange Pairs: Standard and Large.

o Foam Pairs: Standard.

· Replacement Filters

Filter replacement tool


Judging mastering and mixing styles

For the first time I feel I found in-ears that make it easier to judge what the nature of any given mix and master is. The highs are actually extremely clean and detailed but (as with the whole spectrum) all on the same perceived volume level. This makes analytic monitoring an absolute dream. As an audio engineer I highly recommend these. The small ear tips create the best most high res sound and the three flange tips muffle the highs for me. So it's super important to try all included ear tips. Otherwise yes they will sound pretty weird or muffled. I think they need to be able to go all the way in as well. They do not sound as good if they aren't comfortably resting in the concha. The bass is truly a marvel. Dry pin point notes. Nothing lingers. It's just all so absurdly clean and just there. Nothing gets added. Just pure musical bliss. Every instrument radiates its full potential.

These headphones do not want to impress you with sparky glitter in the highs and some bossy bass. Most headphones seem to use that kind of sound for an initial wow effect. These are totally different. They actually provide a truly flat response with an extreme level of detail. Years ago I tried some Etymotics Flat Response IE (Not sure which exact model it was) and they sounded similar but not as detailed as this. I am someone who likes to Headphone EQ and with these it was only a matter of adding a slight attenuation around 4k and 8k as for some reason my ears boost those frequencies. Other that that the EQ stays flat as they provide "perfectly flat" sound already. I love it.

I read complaints about the sound stage and "lost detail" in the background. I feel this is just what happens if you have a headphone that truly creates a perfect blank slate. Music that is not mixed to cater to those qualities will just sound less "big" than on headphones that emphasize that. Personally all I need to do is to go through a variety of music and see that there just is some music that is big sounding and than there is music that is more intimate and less specious. I feel like these headphones actually make it super obvious what was in the mixers mind instead of just making sound everything "big and specious". I am also skeptical how much sound stage you can get out of a headphone before it becomes just pure gimmickry. Etymotic just doesn't try to trick physics but just pushes the inherent qualities of in ears and headphones for that matter. There just is a limit on how much "real" space and bass is possible with any headphone.

I have a selection of tracks I use as a reference to judge any given audio hardware and I have to say these headphone put a new perspective on those tracks. Mixing decisions I never noticed before became glaringly obvious.

The cable is great as it almost does not produce any cable noises. How ever these headphones are for home use only. I would not recommend using these for on the go unless you play on replacing the cable pretty soon.

Just turn on some high quality pink noise and if you don't hear the smoothest waterfall in the universe then try another ear tip! It's worth it!.

Foam Pairs: Standard

Triple Flange Silicone Pairs: Standard and Large

Dual Flange Silicone Pairs: S, M, L, XL

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