Comfort-2 Eco TMS Therapy Chair

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Comfprt-2 Eco TMS Therapy Chair is ergonomic, specially designed for full access to stimulation areas.

It is optimized for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), as well as TMS combined with electroencephalography (TMS-EEG) and electromyography (TMS-EMG).

It provides outstanding convenience for TMS clinicians and comfort for patient seating for long TMS sessions.

Key features

· Optimized for patient positioning & long TMS treatment sessions, TMS-EEG, TMS-EMG.

· Multiple independent power adjustments with 2 motors & remote control.

· Patient weight capacity – 200 kg (440 lbs.).

· Efficient clinically and economically.

· Heavy-duty, sturdy steel frame.

· Soft durable cushions.

· Easy to use.

Power adjustable low Back Rest

Provides full access to stimulation areas, easy coil positioning, patient comfort.

Adjustable Neck Support

Provides open spaces around the patient’s neck, leaving full access to stimulation areas.  Enables easy head positioning.

Importantly, leaves room for mounting EEG and EMG electrode caps for TMS-EEG-TMS-EMG.

Tilts from 7 to 75 degrees.

Long and wide Arm Rests

L 57 cm (22 ½ ”) x W 17 cm (6 ¾ ”)

Enable easy observation of finger movements for precisely determine Motor Threshold (MT).

Provides patient comfort for long TMS sessions.

Bracket for flexible arm

The available bracket makes it easy to mount flexible arms for precise and stable TMS coil positioning, thus improving stimulation consistency over the treatment sessions and repeatability from session to session.

Power adjustable Leg Rest

Easy positioning patients in a comfortable position for long TMS sessions.  Tilts from 0 to 35 degrees.

Manually adjustable Foot Rest

Easy to position the patient of any height in a comfortable position for long TMS sessions.

Remote Control

Allows TMS clinicians to effortlessly position patients for TMS treatment sessions.


Patient weight capacity

200 kg (440 lbs.)

Chair weight

63 kg (138.89 lbs.)

Seat height (fixed)

65 cm (25 ½ ”)

Arm Rests dimensions

L 57 cm (22 ½ ”) x W 17 cm (6 ¾ ”)

Back Rest tilt

7-75 degrees

Leg rest tilt

0-35 degrees

Foot Rest adjustment

29 cm (11 ½ ”)

Twin-wheels diameter

7.5 cm (3 ”)

Number of electric motors


Remote control


Power supply

120V / 60 Hz

The manufacturer guarantees the Chair quality conformance, if the rules of operation, storage, transportation and mounting are observed.

Warranty period for the magnetic stimulator is 12 months from the delivery date to the customer. The delivery date is the date of waybill or another document.


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